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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform which helps merchants in selling and purchasing online and pay for it online as well. It offers a large number of themes, images, plug-ins, and templates which can be very helpful for building an e-commerce website. Magento requires a deep knowledge to be processed on. Our developers work on Magento to build any kind of e-commerce websites without hassling our clients.

If you are planning to build a website with us Magento based then these are certain benefits you will have while working with us:

Shopping cart setup: your website can have access to shopping cart for your consumers who make a purchase from your online store. Also, we provide 2 plugins for large premium clients.

Integration to Payment Gateways: We introduce you to various payment gateways. Not only that, we also give 2 extensions (plug-in) to our clients.

Shipping services: Your products for building a website will be configured by us plus, we provide 2 extensions for large premium clients.

Technical support: After completion of your work, our team will assist technical support for 1 month to you.

We build Magento web design and store design as well.

CMS in WordPress.



Do I need to get involved with Magento team?

No. Everything will be taken care of by us so you don’t have to get involved and trouble yourselves.

Do I need to pay anything to the Magento platform?

No. Our prices are transparent. Once you become our client, every detail regarding your website will be our concern.

Do I need to provide product image and contents to you?

YES. You need to provide us the product image and contents for the initial built. No doubt our experts will develop product management and content management if any changes are to be done.

Do you provide the guarantee on the built website or on your services?

Yes. JWM aims for perfection. Thus provide 100% good result for its services.

Does your company provide any technical guidance after the completion of the website?

Yes. Under the large premium package, we provide 1 month technical support to your website in case of any issue. However, the days can be extended as per your website requirement and our package norms. Feel free to ask any queries regarding the extension of time-period with us. CONTACT

Does your website provide all types of web design templates and images?

We suggest Custom web design templates and CMS in WordPress for web design under the large premium package but the availability of templates may differ depending on which package you want to build your website on.

How can I pay for your services?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard ) and we use secure payment gateways like PayPal& 2CheckOut for easy transactions.

How much do you charge for building a website on Magento?

Under large premium, we charge $8000 FLAT fee. This fee differs from package to package. You can have a look on our pricing plans here.

How much time will it take for your company to complete my website?

This depends on the requirements of your website. We can disclose the time taken only after looking at the size of your website.

If in future any problem occurs on my website and I am no more your client, can I consult you?

Yes. Feel free to ask us anytime any queries. We are always available for you. Nevertheless, if you want any new feature added to your website but our terms of services has expired. In such case, you have to pay the amount for that particular service. Any questions related to the price charged, you can ask us anytime. CONTACT


Magento Store Design Custom Web Design CMS WordPress
Shopping Cart Setup YES + 2 Extension Category Customization YES
Integration of Payment Gateways YES + 2 Extension Shipping Services YES + 2 Extension
Google Site Map YES Email Notification YES
Product Search Features YES + 1 Extension Testimonials YES
Functional Product Pages YES + 2 Extension Promotional Functionalities YES + 2 Extension
Integrating Market Place Amazon Set Up Responsive Coding YES
Integration of Blog WP Blog Design + Integration 20 Product Upload YES
Analytics Tool YES + 2 Extension Internet Marketing Features YES + 2 Extension
Updating Content No Technical Support 1 Month
$8000 FLAT Fee Deliverbales LIVE Website


Want to build new eCommerce store or want to customize your current online store but got confused with what features to add? E-commerce designers and developers at JomWebMedia are ready to suggest you the best design templates for web designing and Magento store design.

If you want to build your e-commerce website on Magento, let us see some of the benefits of designing it through JomWebMedia:

  • Magento custom store design templates and CMS through WordPress
  • Shopping cart setup with 2 extensions.
  • Shipping services with 2 extensions are provided by us.
  • Promotional functionalities with 2 extension
  • Technical support: 1 month
  • Functional product pages with 2 extension
  • Availability of product search and google site map.
  • Analytics tools plus 2 extensions.

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