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We are Mobile Website Development Company.

Have a look at the people around you; you will find most of them on their smartphones or tablets. Last 4- 5 years have seen an upsurge in mobile/tablet browsing compared to desktop internet surfing. It is a dynamic world, and we need everything at our fingertips; accessible, and within our range.

Website Development Packages can be helpful

While desktop browsing is pleasant to the eyes because of the size of the screen, mobile/tablet browsing is still running in the race to become as pleasant!

Say “Hi” to our Website Design Packages

Best layouts and content fail to get acknowledged if the website lacks in responsiveness. If your website brings business for you, you would want to avoid a design that takes more time to load or text that looks like ants marching towards east!  Create a strong presence online, and positively impact your business’ growth with responsive website design.

This is where a Responsive Website Design comes to the rescue!

You want your users to be loyal to you, right? Make them comfortable on your website with web pages that adjust seamlessly to fit any screen, of any size. 

Even Google favors responsive website design!

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly or user-friendly, and you want to better it, you’ve come to the right place!

Why should your business have a Responsive Website Design?

  • More than 50% of the tech-savvy people access the websites through their mobile devices; and hence, your website needs to favor them by being responsive.
  • Adaptability to future devices as responsive designs fit any screen size.
  • Google boosts the organic search results if your website is responsive.
  • Responsive websites load quickly, hence, you can grip your visitors’ attention, which you could have lost easily if your website had been traditional.
  • None or very less bounce rates.
  • Mobile Responsive websites are easier to maintain, as there is one URL; reduction in SEO errors as well.




Can I get more features added in the website after it goes live?

Yes. We can add more features in the website. The charges for including add-ons would be $15 per hour.

Do i get Post Go Live Support?

Yes, you get Post Go Live Support for a week. If you want to get it extended for a specific period of time, feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 for fulfilling any requirements you might have.

Does the Homepage or any other sub-pages have the option of displaying a Static Banner on the top?

No. This package doesn’t have the provision of a Static banner design in any of the pages. Check our other website design packages if you want a Static banner design included in your website design.

Does this package include the company’s logo designing with other features?

No. We do not design the logo. You will have to provide us with the logo.

Does this website have animation in its design?

No. This package doesn’t provide Custom Jquery/Animation in the website design. Check our other website design packages if you are looking for animation on your website.

Does this website provide the option of having a Blog?

No. This package doesn’t have the option of maintaining a blog on the website. Check our other packages if you want your blog to be included in the website.

How do I choose the design templates for my website through this package?

We provide you with various options of the design templates to choose from. You can choose any one suiting all your requirements.

Is the Email Subscription feature included in the package?

No. This package doesn’t have the provision of the feature of Email Subscription. Check our other website design packages if you want the feature of Email Subscription incorporated in the website.


WordPress Development 5 Pages Design Type Ready Template Choice
Static Banner Design NO Responsive Website Design YES
Deliverables LIVE Website Blog NO
Favicon Yes Contact us Page YES
SEO Friendly URLs YES Displaying Social Media Links YES
Support for Latest Browsers YES Google Map on Contact us Page YES
SSL Cert Integration NO Custom jQuery/Animation NO
Post Go Live Support 1 WEEK Logo Design No
Email Subscription Feature NO Single Point of Contact NO
Peace of Mind YES Add-ons @ $15 Per Hour

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