WordPress Website Support and Update (Professional)


A website is a means of communication so it demands a proper maintenance. People are using the Internet everywhere- in office, at home, for business purposes. So, having your website’s content up to date is the biggest challenge. With regular website maintenance, your site will run smoothly and without any line-break or out-dated contents.

Benefits of regular website maintenance:

  • Regular visitors always look for what is new on your website today. So, a proper maintenance of website provides new and exciting information, products or features.
  • The website is a subject of getting hacked. Using a proper website maintenance program you can prevent from being hacked by keeping everything up to date.

Here at JWM, we make you run your business instead of your website. Our maintenance packages are affordable for every size of business. Be it small, mid or large organization. You can rely on our web experts for the maintenance services of your website.

JWM provides excellent features for your web maintenance:

  • Website support for 4 years.
  • We daily report the contents on your website
  • We take daily backup of files and databases
  • Project management tools on Trello
  • Updating or adding site content (static pages, product information, company information, personal information, uploading banner images, language variables, etc.)
  • Fixing any bugs related to web hosting upgrades.
  • Over-time hour rates: $25

However, these facilities depend on the package you subscribe and pay for.



Can I have multiple sites maintenance with the single plan?

No, single site maintenance will be included in the single plan.

Can I update my website on my own without any technical knowledge?

This would depend on the type of website you have. We can suggest you ways to convert your website to a CMS so that you can manage your site by your own.

How can I pay to you?

You can pay us through PayPal & 2Checkout. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard). We provide a secure online transaction platform.

How long does it take to complete website maintenance changes on my website?

This cannot be disclosed until we receive the number of changes your website requires. Any queries you have will be responded by our team so feel free to contact us.

What benefit does data backup service will provide me?

Organizations (big or small) generate a vast amount of information which will be at great risk if lost because of a damaged hard disk or power cut. Backing up data provides you lot of options to choose from. You can choose any type backup data service from our packages and secure your organization from expected risks.

What if I have not provided all the information or did not describe the update properly?

We do not start working on your request until we have all the required information or clear instruction from your end. However, we may call/email/chat with you in order to discuss if any query in your request.

What kind of maintenance services does JWM provide?

We offer everything from simple content updates to the more advanced image, site & web page management, and Plug-in updates at a very affordable price. Check for our service plans here

What will cost me maintaining my website by your company?

Under medium premium, we charge $150 FLAT fee. This fee differs from package to package. You can have a look on our pricing plans here.

What would we need to provide you?

For maintaining your website, we will need an access to your site. You can provide us both FTP username and a password/access to the hosting control panel of the site. If you have a CMS website such as WordPress, we would require the access of those admin controls to make the changes and keep the website updated. After we finish the work, you are free to change the passwords of your control panel any time.

Why do I need maintenance for my website?

For a growing business, it is very important to keep your site contents, videos, and images up to date with the plug-in. This keeps your site visitors informed about your latest features and services.

Will my website be maintained by an individual or multiple people?

We assign the tasks to one single person and ensure that the same person works on all the issues to avoid any kind of confusion. If in any circumstances we need to change the person working on your website, you would not have to worry about anything. We will take care of everything.


WordPress Website Support Experience < 4 years Skills Professional
Reporting Daily Project Management tool Trello
Backing up files and databases Yes Restoring files and database backups Yes
Managing domain settings (if registrar credentials are provided) Yes Troubleshooting integration issues Yes
Installing plugins YES Installing additional themes YES
Applying minor version updates YES Updating or adding site content (static pages, product information, company information, personal information, uploading banner images, language variables, etc.) YES
Seasonal content updates YES Adding new content (text, images, banners) YES
Managing the files and databases on the server (includes freeing up space, deleting old databases, etc.) YES Managing email settings (includes forwarding options, setting up MX records, setting up new accounts, etc.) YES
Managing SSL certificates YES Fixing any bugs related to hosting upgrades YES
Configuring a separate development environment (if desired) YES Adjusting mappings YES
Adjusting any WordPress or plugin configuration YES Prevention and/or removal of malware and other security threats YES
Any stylesheet changes YES Direct Communication YES
All troubleshooting and bug investigation NO Text and image enhancements NO
Working with a design expert on seasonal font and color changes NO Creating promotions, coupons or discounts NO
Adding new pages to your website NO Q.A Team Support NO
Project Manager Support NO Over-time Hours Rate $25


Are you having issues on your website which is not understandable to you? Does your website run on the verge of being hacked? Are you not satisfied with the response of your website visitors? Relax. We are here to help you maintain, secure and organize your website. JomWebMedia provides numerous facilities regarding website maintenance and security. You can have a look on our features provided in the small premium package:

  • Troubleshooting integration issues
  • Fixing any bugs related to hosting upgrades
  • Adjusting mappings
  • Any stylesheet changes
  • Adjusting any WordPress or plugin configuration
  • Prevention and/or removal of malware and other security threats
  • Project management tool: Trello
  • Updating or adding site content (static pages, product information, company information, personal information, uploading banner images, language variables, etc.)

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